Braves News · Athletic Update – May 22

Hoping this message finds everyone in good health and looking forward to some warm weather this upcoming holiday weekend!  As many of you are aware, Ohio is beginning to open back up and restrictions are being eased in all areas including school athletics.  While we are very excited about the news from the Governor, they are still many hurdles for us to clear before we can get our student-athletes back on campus.  Over the next 3-5 days we will be meeting with administrators and coaches to develop a plan that will ensure the safety of our athletes and coaches as we get back to workouts on campus.  This will include not only protocols for the current pandemic but also for the current construction taking place at Shawnee.  Our construction crew has been moving forward over the last 2 months with the plan that no one would be back on campus until July at the earliest.  Needless to say that has led to many areas both inside and outside being deemed as off limits for the time being and near future.

We are anticipating a June start date for workouts and these workouts will be focused on Fall sports at the beginning.  Once we have some things in place and we see how things are working we will then look to incorporate other sports at that time.

We would like to remind everyone that ALL Shawnee facilities do remain closed until we are able to put a plan together.  Once we have a date to reopen some facilities we will share that with everyone.  We ask that you please remain patient during this time, we will do everything we can to get our student-athletes moving as quickly as possible.

Thanks again for all that you have done during this difficult time and continue to do as we recover from these past few months.  We will come out of this Brave Strong!